October product updates

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Kajabi product updates

Welcome to product updates aka Kajabi Mission Control.

Just like at NASA, Kajabi Mission Control represents the folks on the ground, helping you launch the business of your dreams.

And Mission Control is your hub to learn about the products & features we release each month to improve your experience.

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Kajabi Communities: Now in Beta

Kajabi Communities

Kajabi has acquired Vibely and it’s powering the next generation of Kajabi Communities. Build authentic relationships by going beyond the tired community process of “post, reply, repeat.” Curious to try it?

Heads up, Heroes using PayPal!

PayPal Version Upgrade

For Kajabi customers using PayPal as a payment provider: Paypal has updated their API, which requires you to upgrade to their latest version. Don't worry, upgrading only takes a few clicks! Click to access your Payment Integrations inside Kajabi and select “Upgrade” in the PayPal section. From there, you’ll log into your PayPal account and the upgrade will apply automatically.

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Kajabi Labs

Kajabi Experts Beta

We’re developing a new marketplace where Kajabi Heroes can find vetted service providers to help them take the next step in their business. From website design and online course creation to email campaigns and sales flows, Kajabi Experts is the best place to find top Kajabi service providers to get the job done right. If you’re interested in joining the waitlist, apply to be an Expert, or to hire an Expert today!

Offer Creation Wizard

The jump from creating a product to selling it can be quite large if you’re new to Kajabi and just getting started. That’s why we’re piloting a new tool to help you shorten the time it takes to get fully set up and ready to start selling.