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Kajabi product updates

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Introducing reCAPTCHA

Introducing reCAPTCHA-may-2021

If you're not using double opt-in, reCAPTCHA is a great way to protect your brand and increase trust with your audience. You can now add this feature to your forms on Kajabi.

Customize your double opt-in confirmation

Customize your double opt-in confirmation-may-2021

You can now customize your double opt-in confirmation email and landing page and make these crucial pieces of your sales flow align with the rest of your brand.

Contact exclusion

Contact exclusion-may-2021

With our new contact exclusion filter, high-risk inactive contacts will be removed from your list. This will help you maintain the integrity and deliverability of your emails.

Improved sales navigation

Improved sales navigation-may-2021

You'll now find a Sales tab in the main navigation of your Kajabi dashboard. Under this new sales tab you’ll find Offers, Coupons, and Affiliates — making navigation a breeze.

New product admin experience

New product admin experience-may-2021

Create and manage products faster and easier than before with the new Product Outline List and Post Pages. "This feature is available in Kajabi Labs."

Conversions API

Conversions API-may-2021

With the new conversion API, you can optimize your Facebook Ads based on events from your site. That's your business on Kajabi and your Facebook ads working hand in hand. "This feature is available in Kajabi Labs."

Increased Custom Fields

Increased Custom Fields-may-2021

With twice the custom fields for your contacts, you can create a more personalized experience for your customers. From storing birthdays to favorite colors, you've got room to play.

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