July product updates

See the new features and updates that are now live inside Kajabi.

product updates by kajabi

Kajabi product updates

Welcome to product updates aka Kajabi Mission Control.

Just like at NASA, Kajabi Mission Control represents the folks on the ground, helping you launch the business of your dreams.

And Mission Control is your hub to learn about the products & features we release each month to improve your experience.

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Kajabi Scheduler

Kajabi Scheduler-july-2022

Avoid the hassle of “email ping pong” to schedule a coaching session, and never pay for a 3rd party scheduler again.

Record & Upload Live Video

Record & Upload Live Video-july-2022

Easily record your Kajabi live video sessions and automatically receive the recording in an email.



Introducing Quizzes, course-specific exams that help you measure client success and keep course takers engaged.

Product Creation Wizard

Product Creation Wizard-july-2022

Spend less time configuring and more time selling with a new, streamlined process to create products.

Affiliate Coupons

Affiliate Coupons-july-2022

Maximize referral conversions and create personalized coupon codes for your affiliates.

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