January product updates

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product updates by kajabi

Kajabi product updates

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Simple Contact Importing

Simple Contact Importing-January-2021

You can now import your contacts into Kajabi with the push of a button by directly uploading a CSV file. We’ll intuitively map all your data fields to the correct location. And if you have unique information to import, you can easily create new fields on the fly.

Enhancements to Email Marketing

Enhancements to Email Marketing-january-2021

From fine tuning logic on auto-unsubscribes, to an updated UI, we've been hard at work making optimizations to our email marketing tool.

New website templates

New website templates-january-2021

We’ve released two new design templates to use with the new Kajabi website builder — one inspired by Kajabi Heroes in the tech industry, and the other geared towards health and wellness businesses. Both are flexible and can be customized to fit your needs.

Contact Deletion Confirmation

Contact Deletion Confirmation-january-2021

When you go to delete a contact, you’ll now be asked to confirm your deletion before it’s complete. This will help you avoid losing important data by making sure that when you say goodbye, you mean it.

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