February product updates

See the new features and updates that are now live inside Kajabi.

product updates by kajabi

Kajabi product updates

Welcome to product updates aka Kajabi Mission Control.

Just like at NASA, Kajabi Mission Control represents the folks on the ground, helping you launch the business of your dreams.

And Mission Control is your hub to learn about the products & features we release each month to improve your experience.

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Completion Certificates

Completion Certificates

You can now automatically award a Certificate of Completion to customers who finish your courses, which they can easily share across social media channels to boost their brand (and yours).

Communities Migration

Communities Migration

Migrate your existing community to the newest version of Kajabi Communities with just a few clicks. Click the "Migrate" button from your Communities dashboard to get access to powerful new features and tools.

Trust and security

Trust and Security Principles

Your security is our priority. Explore the measures Kajabi has in place to protect your privacy and help you grow your business with confidence.

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Visit Kajabi Labs to try out these new beta features:
Kajabi Labs

Kajabi Creator Studio

Be one of the first to create video clips with Kajabi Creator Studio Easily create video clips from existing course content to share in social posts, marketing materials, mini-courses, and more. Join our beta waitlist to help us put the Creator Studio to the test.

New webinars this month

Get the most out of Kajabi with this month’s lineup of live and on-demand webinars.
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