May product updates

See the new features and updates that are now live inside Kajabi.

  • Live video in Coaching

    With live video in Coaching, you’ll no longer need an external video provider, allowing you to manage more of your coaching program in one place.

    You can access this feature by clicking the "Go Live" button on your next coaching session.

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  • One-click Theme Updates

    Easily update to the latest versions of themes in one click, and take advantage of bug fixes and new theme features.

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  • Contact Previews

    Quickly see the details about each of your contacts, take action on what you need, without having to jump around inside Kajabi.

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Be the first to try it out

Visit Kajabi Labs to try out these new beta features:

Product Creation Flow

Easily create products with the new product creation flow. Seamlessly create and customize your courses, podcasts, communities, and coaching programs before attaching them to an offer for sale.

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Platform Redesign

Experience a more intuitive and accessible way to use Kajabi with a fresh design and language update.

You’ll see small but noticeable changes to your experience meant to help guide you towards greater success.

For Access Members & Founders only until June 21st.

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New webinars this month

Get the most out of Kajabi with this month’s lineup of live and on-demand webinars

Understanding products in Kajabi

Learn the types of digital products you can create in Kajabi. You’ll learn about different product types like courses, memberships, podcasts, coaching programs, etc. and how to create and customize them inside Kajabi.

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How to sell products and services

Learn all about the selling tools in Kajabi. You’ll learn how to integrate with a payment processor, price your products and services, and more.

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Kajabi offers many different support options to help you reach your online business goals.
We’re eager to assist you in any way that we can!
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