Product Updates

The Toronto dev cycle included many new features and updates designed to give you stability, security, and control in your business. Check out these platform improvements you'll find live on Kajabi right now:

See how Kajabi is helping you better protect your email deliverability and sender reputation.

Introducing reCAPTCHA

If you're not using double opt-in, reCAPTCHA is a great way to protect your brand and increase trust with your audience. You can now add this feature to your forms on Kajabi.
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Contact exclusion

With our new contact exclusion filter, high-risk inactive contacts will be removed from your list. This will help you maintain the integrity and deliverability of your emails.
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Customize your double opt-in confirmation

You can now customize your double opt-in confirmation email and landing page and make these crucial pieces of your sales flow align with the rest of your brand.
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Platform enhancements

We’ve made the Kajabi dashboard even easier to navigate and improved functionality across the entire platform.

New product admin experience

Create and manage products faster and easier than before with the new Product Outline List and Post Pages. "This feature is available in Kajabi Labs."
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Improved sales navigation

You'll now find a Sales tab in the main navigation of your Kajabi dashboard. Under this new sales tab you’ll find Offers, Coupons, and Affiliates — making navigation a breeze.
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A better coupon experience

Introducing faster, more intuitive coupon creation. Choose your coupon type, the discount, duration, and expiration date with fewer clicks and more clarity.
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Conversions API

With the new conversion API, you can optimize your Facebook Ads based on events from your site. That's your business on Kajabi and your Facebook ads working hand in hand. "This feature is available in Kajabi Labs."
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Increased Custom Fields

With twice the custom fields for your contacts, you can create a more personalized experience for your customers. From storing birthdays to favorite colors, you've got room to play.
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Your feedback in action

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve updated the following features.

New templates

Find what you're looking for faster with the new Pages template Library. We've also added 5 new "Coming Soon" and 5 new "Thank you" landing page templates for you to choose from.
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Improvements to the Website Design page

This update to the Website Design page gives you a full-page preview of your entire site, quick access to Site Details, and a view of all of your Saved Themes. We’ve also made it easier to add and organize pages to match your website theme.
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New People List

We’ve updated the user experience for the People section of your dashboard. This includes more page organization, better filter display, new search functionality, and more.
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Updated Kajabi Mobile App

With the updated Kajabi Mobile App, your customers can now play your audio files in the background, cast your videos to their TV, save their favorite content to its own tab, and so much more. You'll also find that the user experience has improved with expandable and collapsible categories.
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As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve Kajabi, head to Your idea might just show up in a future dev cycle.

Our latest cycle brought some pretty exciting updates.
Here are the latest improvements you'll find on Kajabi right now:

Introducing Audio to Kajabi

We've incorporated a new native audio player into the Kajabi platform. You can now seamlessly embed audio into sites, pages, courses, and blog posts — giving you even more options to create audio-only courses and add value for your customers.
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More customization to checkout

Get the most out of your sales flow with this update. You can now customize your upsell cancelation text on every upsell, and email opt-in text at checkout.
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New website templates

Enjoy two new customizable website templates: the first designed for entrepreneurs in the personal development industry and another for those who specialize in business and finance.
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Offer Grant page

It's now easier than ever to grant an offer right from the new Offer Grant page. See every offer a customer owns (or doesn’t) before granting them a new one, and grant multiple offers from the same page. You can also see how many times your offers have sold in the improved Offer List page.
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Kajabi Labs

Kajabi Labs is the hub for all the new products and features that we're working on. See what's coming and beta test new features from this central location.
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Improvements to the Pages Editor

Get even more out of the Pages editor you know and love. With new elements and improved functionality, this update further streamlines the design process across the entire Kajabi platform.
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Kajabi Hero Spotlight: Toronto Edition

Toronto Heroes share their stories.

Kajabi success stories can be found all over the world! Here are a few words from our London Heroes:
Resources at the ready

No matter what stage you’re at, we’ve got your back.

Kajabi Access gives you the individualized guidance and extra resources you need to streamline your success.
Add Access to your account and use the Hero Hub! 4 Hours of unrestricted access to 2 Kajabi experts who really knew their stuff. I had 5 questions answered plus got to hear the answers to everyone else’s questions. It was all valuable info that we can put to use on our sites. And this goes on every week. Great job guys!”

- Kajabi Hero Paul Avry
Learn more about Kajabi Access

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Get 1 month of Kajabi Access for free when you activate your Kajabi account
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A sneak peek at upcoming improvements

Be on the lookout for these exciting additions in future development cycles:
New product builder

The new product builder makes it easier than ever to create and manage your products on Kajabi. You'll find a new Product List, Product Outline, and Product Post pages. You can try it out in Labs today.

Sneak peek:
Consent for credit card storage

New options for your checkout page will allow you to stay compliant with new regulations. 

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Improvements to the mobile app

These highly-anticipated additions to the mobile app include video casting, background audio, and community products. Along with these new features, you’ll also enjoy faster speeds in the app.

Sneak peek:
Sneak peek:
Better manage website pages

This feature will make it easier to create new website pages and landing pages that match the theme of your site.  Enjoy handy labels to see the status of a page, and access commonly used page actions with a single click.

Sneak peek:
New custom domain setup flow

Connect to your custom domain faster than ever with a simple and easy-to-use setup flow.

Sneak peek:
Visual email editor for sequences

The same visual editor you know and love for broadcasts will soon be available for email sequences.

Sneak peek:

View the full Kajabi development update log >

Sneak peek:
Upcoming Cycle

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Sneak peek:
Faster file uploads

You can now upload files up to 50% faster and edit images right from the uploader. You'll also enjoy a more streamlined and stable experience with third-party integrations.


View the full Kajabi development update log >

Upcoming Dev Cycle:

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