New York

Product Updates

The New York dev cycle was packed with updates designed to help you monetize your content, own your voice, and connect with your customers in new ways. Check out the latest additions you'll find live on Kajabi right now:

New ways to package and sell products

Present your offers in a way that compels action

Limited quantity offers

Set a limit for the number of times an offer is sold and redirect customers to another page if the offer is sold out. This feature is great for cohort-based courses where you want to focus more directly on a smaller intimate group of members.
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Limited time offers

This feature is ready and waiting for you in Kajabi labs. Using a limited-time offer, you can set a specific time and date you want your offer to end. Once this offer has expired, customers will automatically be redirected to another page
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Be heard and own your voice

Explore new ways to share your message, connect with your audience, and monetize your content.


Create, host, syndicate, manage and monetize a podcast right from your Kajabi dashboard. We’ve even made it simple to migrate your existing podcast over with just a few clicks.
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Link in Bio Templates

Social media platforms only let you put one link in your bio. With the Link in Bio template, you can share multiple links to your products, services, content, and email opt-ins from one simple link.
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Your feedback in action

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve updated the following features.

Custom setup fee text

Customize the text that appears next to your setup fee and give more clarity to customers at checkout.
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Double opt-in customization

We’ve given you even more customization options for your confirmation email and confirmation landing page.
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New affiliates commission page

Use affiliate marketing to give sales a boost. Easily set and manage the commission your affiliates receive for every offer from one place.
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Send broadcast page improvement

Email broadcasts will no longer default to send immediately. Choose between ‘send right now’ and ‘schedule for later’ to get the most out of every broadcast you send.
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Landing pages in the sitemap

Your Pages are now included in the XML sitemap. This update will help increase SEO for your site.
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As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve Kajabi, head to Your idea might just show up in a future dev cycle.

Our latest cycle brought some pretty exciting updates.
Here are the latest improvements you'll find on Kajabi right now:

Introducing Audio to Kajabi

We've incorporated a new native audio player into the Kajabi platform. You can now seamlessly embed audio into sites, pages, courses, and blog posts — giving you even more options to create audio-only courses and add value for your customers.
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More customization to checkout

Get the most out of your sales flow with this update. You can now customize your upsell cancelation text on every upsell, and email opt-in text at checkout.
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New website templates

Enjoy two new customizable website templates: the first designed for entrepreneurs in the personal development industry and another for those who specialize in business and finance.
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Offer Grant page

It's now easier than ever to grant an offer right from the new Offer Grant page. See every offer a customer owns (or doesn’t) before granting them a new one, and grant multiple offers from the same page. You can also see how many times your offers have sold in the improved Offer List page.
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Kajabi Labs

Kajabi Labs is the hub for all the new products and features that we're working on. See what's coming and beta test new features from this central location.
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Improvements to the Pages Editor

Get even more out of the Pages editor you know and love. With new elements and improved functionality, this update further streamlines the design process across the entire Kajabi platform.
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Resources at the ready

No matter what stage you’re at, we’ve got your back.

Kajabi Access gives you the individualized guidance and extra resources you need to streamline your success
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A sneak peek of upcoming improvements

Be on the lookout for these exciting additions in future development cycles:

You’ll soon be able to create, sell, and manage your coaching offers as their own product from your dashboard — no more workarounds required.

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We’re giving you the ability to create a premium newsletter on Kajabi and distribute it to your paying subscribers.

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Partnership with Stripe Tax

We’ll be integrating our checkout with Stripe Tax so you can easily collect taxes with Kajabi.

Sneak peek:
Sneak peek:
Partial refunds

You’ll soon be able to give your customers a portion of their money back.